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The daily grind is hard enough already these days and when you add transportation problems into the mix, it becomes almost unbearable. However, there are some Android features that can improve your commute by providing tiny but much needed services. I’ve used some of these awesome Android features to improve my commute over the years and they are improving day by day.

Let’s make a few things clear here, while there are some native Android features that can help you in your daily commute, most of the features come from downloading useful apps. Technically apps are also an Android feature and you don’t care how you improve your experience as long as your journey is comfortable and easy. There are a number of ways you can change your daily routine to get better seats and even reach your destination on time, yes folks reaching on time is now possible thanks to Android. So, let’s check some features that will drastically improve your daily commute.

Get A GPS Navigation App

These days almost every Android smartphone ships with basic Google apps on board. There is a high chance that your smartphone manufacturer didn’t remove them at all. Still if you are unable to find Google Maps on your device, all you need to do is go to the Google Play Store to get it. It is one of the most essential apps to have on your smartphone if you want to avoid rush hour traffic and avail easy shortcuts. We have already covered the best GPS Navigation apps for Android, so take a look at the article to choose the one you like the most. I personally highly recommend the stock Android Navigation app. If not, you can check out the community driven app called:


Get a Subway App

If your city has a subway or train system, it is always good to have an app for that. The app will not only tell you the time of arrival but also estimate how long it will take you to reach the destination so you can plan accordingly. Google Maps already has this feature but I don’t think the timings are correct globally. So, a targeted subway or train app is the best way to know when you can board it. Here are a few apps in the same theme:




Tube Map London

Get a Bus App

Most cities have a very well managed public transport system that includes many buses. So, if the train is not a good option, you may want to try out a bus app to better optimize your daily commute. The bus apps will give timings as well as routes, so you can manage your travel accordingly. Secondly they also offer fares so you can be thoroughly prepared. Most cities offer monthly or yearly bus passes, if you are a daily commuter, it is great option to invest in.

Here are some of the best bus route apps for Android:




Manage a Carpool

If you already have a car or don’t want to travel in public transport, you may want to check out a carpool app. The best carpool apps allow you to arrange carpools with people who are headed in the same direction daily. This way you can easily save on some money and ride in the safety of your own car. However, this may not be the most secure way of traveling so, I recommend riding with people who are from your office or school. Here are some noteworthy carpool apps.

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