28 Ways to Solve Android Widget Problems


The problem may manifest as Error Loading Widget or Problem Loading Widget. The message may show up several times a day, driving you insane. It doesn’t specify which widget, and you may have even removed all of your widgets already. What’s wrong and how can you get rid of this thing?

This is a common experience if you use a custom widget or launcher, or if you’ve placed widgets on your SD card. Another typical culprit/cause is when you have disabled or removed an app or service tied to the widget. Also, the reason the error message is so persistent even after you remove the widgets in question is because the message itself is a type of widget. But you still shouldn’t have to live with it forever.

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  1. Reinstall the Widget App

    Remove the widget and add it back. If you aren’t sure which widget is causing the issue, you might have to use the process of elimination.

    Remove Widget

  2. Reboot

    If widgets are freezing and it’s been weeks since your Android had any downtime, try rebooting. Long-press Power and select either Restart or Power Off. Try this before resorting to a factory reset.

  3. Switch Back to Stock Launcher

    Sometimes widgets and custom launchers don’t play well together. If you are using a custom launcher, it’s definitely worth trying to go back to stock to see if this resolves your issue. As cool as custom launchers like Nova Launcher are, they can contribute to this problem. Custom launchers have always been known to sometimes cause issues switching back and forth between portrait and landscape mode.

    Apex Launcher

  4. Change Permissions (If You are using a Custom Launcher)

    Download a file explorer/manager like ES File Explorer. Browse to /system. Tap on the Mount R/W button. Transfer the launcher apk to your SD card if possible. Use the file explorer/manager to locate the apk. Press and hold the launcher apk file until you see an option to copy. Select Copy, then browse to /system/app and choose Paste. Long-press the launcher apk file again, but this time select Permissions. Tap on each of the upper 9 checkboxes to make those selections and press OK. Now navigate to /system. Choose the Mount R/O button. Restart your Android.

    Es File

    Download: ES File Explorer File Manager

  5. Remove Widget & Error Message

    Long-press both the widget and error message and drag them to the trash bin. Uninstall any associated apps.Uninstall App

  6. Hard Reset

    Pull the battery if your Android permits.Remove Battery

  7. Watch Finger Placement

    If you are having a hard time dragging widgets and/or error messages to the trash, try placing your finger at the top of the icon rather than in the center. Also ensure that you are long-pressing the icons for an adequate amount of time.

    Top Icon

  8. Remove Widgets from SD Card

    Widgets and associated apps installed on the SD card may behave abnormally, and may even cause other widgets to as well. Move the widgets/apps to your internal memory. This is one of the top ways to resolve Android’s Problem Loading Widget error.Internal Memory

  9. Stop All Google Services/Kill Google App (Temporarily)

    This method is highly recommended if the widget you are having problems with is Google Search or any other related widget. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google and tap on Force Stop if you must. If you are using a custom launcher, try switching to stock, and then shut down all Google services. Now you should be able to resume using your custom launcher.

    Force Stop

  10. Switch to Stock Widget

    If you are using custom widgets, try switching back to stock to see if that fixes the problem.

  11. Re-enable Apps Previously Disabled

    If your widget depends on a companion app, it might not be able to function without it.

    Enable App

  12. Update/Download Latest Version

    Bugs get squashed with updates. Ensure that you are running the latest version of widget and any associated app.

    Update Button

  13. Uninstall App Updates

    Conversely, updates can sometimes cause issues. If the problem started after an update, and you are able to roll it back (uninstall the update), you can try this method to determine if the update itself is the problem. Even if the uninstall seems to help, keep your eye out for future updates that contain a fix.

  14. Restore Launcher Last

    If you did any drastic changes that required you to backup and restore data, try restoring all other data first, and your launcher last.

    Backup Restore

  15. Improve Internet Reception

    If your widget is dependent on the web, a problem with connection or reception could definitely hinder its performance.

    Mobile Data

  16. Reinstall any App Associated with Widget

    When a widget relies on an app to function, but the app is uninstalled, the software will always try to point to a resource that isn’t there.Install App

  17. Use an Uninstaller App

    If you are having a hard time ridding your Android of apps or widgets, and you just want to be done them all, try using an uninstaller app for assistance.

    Download: Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

  18. Turn off Power Management

    Power management functions have only one goal and purpose—to preserve power. Also ensure that a battery-saving app like Greenify isn’t hibernating your apps/widgets.

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